GOOLiFE is a Melbourne-based, independent fashion label with a passion for showcasing diversity and a commitment to innovation in the areas of sustainability and ethical production. GOOLiFE creates unique, gender-neutral streetwear made from organic, sustainable fabrics in lush colours with vibrant prints.  It has grown to become one of Melbourne’s iconic fashion labels, with followers and customers worldwide.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create ethical, sustainable clothing at accessible prices.  We do this by taking the approach of Slow Fashion.  We carefully consider the processes and resources required to create quality garments that will last longer, age well and hopefully become treasured possessions.  We take care to use the most sustainable options of fabrics that are available to us and are intentional when selecting our manufacturers - choosing to produce our garments in small, family owned and run workshops which not only have very high quality craftsmanship but also share our values and ethics to ensure that everyone in our supply chain is treated fairly.  We are constantly researching and upgrading our materials and methods striving to reduce our footprint with every collection.  We produce our clothing in small runs to minimise wastage.  Finally, we only sell our clothing through our website, which allows us to avoid any additional markups by selling directly to you, our customer. 

What we mean when we say Gender-Neutral Clothing...

Gender-neutral clothing can mean different things depending on who you ask, and in theory it can be anything.  The idea that clothing is gendered or belongs only to one gender is simply a social construct, people can wear any clothes that they feel comfortable in regardless of their gender identity.  Our approach is to engineer our clothes so that they fit well on many different body shapes and sizes.  We design our clothes so that they can be worn different ways to suit different body types - as an example, our jogger jeans:  You can size up for a more relaxed fit that hangs a bit lower on the hips and creates a deeper crotch, you can wear true to size to fit comfortably on the waist whilst still having volume in the legs, or you can size down and wear them tight and high - it's up to you and they look great and feel comfortable worn any of these ways.  We try all of our designs on multiple people of varying genders and body shapes to make sure that our clothes are comfortable and look good worn many different ways.


Our Story

Designer and Creator Sophie Coughlan started Goolife in 2014 after finishing her Fashion Design Degree at RMIT.  The business was born from a desire to work for a fashion label which produced unique and exciting clothes outside of the current trends which was driven by a strong focus on sustainability and ethical production.  After looking and being disappointed by the lack of businesses with these values, Sophie decided to start Goolife and endeavour to become the vision that she wanted to see in the fashion industry.

Goolife is a small business with goals that reach high beyond our self-funded means.  This means that we can’t always stock a large size range and have everything available all the time, so please be patient with us.  But also, let us know what you would like to see more of! We are always trying to improve our business for you our customer and we would love to hear any feedback you have to offer us.  

Reach us anytime via mr.goolife@gmail.com 


Thank you for your support, it means the world to us.