Welcome to the world of Goolife clothing

GOOLiFE is a Melbourne-based, independent fashion label with a passion for showcasing diversity and a commitment to innovation in the areas of sustainability and ethical production. GOOLiFE creates unique, gender-neutral, psychedelic streetwear printed with designs made by artists from all over the world.  It has grown to become one of Melbourne’s iconic fashion labels, with followers and customers worldwide.

Our Story

Designer and Creator Sophie Coughlan started Goolife in 2014 after finishing her Fashion Design Degree at RMIT.  The business was born from a desire to work for a fashion label which produced unique and exciting clothes outside of the current trends which was driven by a strong focus on sustainability and ethical production.  After looking and being disappointed by the lack of businesses with these values, Sophie decided to start Goolife and endeavour to become the vision that she wanted to see in the fashion industry.

Based in Melbourne and surrounded by a community of creative artists Goolife was able to form into the collaborative design experience that it has become.  Goolife clothing is characterised by unique, often surreal prints and a gender neutral cut which invites discussion about gender diversity and it’s place in the fashion world.

For every collection Goolife collaborates with a different artist to create the prints which make our designs so special and make each garment a wearable artwork.  One trans-seasonal collection is released each year and produced in limited numbers. Not strictly conforming to the current trends, Goolife clothing is intended to be SLOW FASHION.  

Goolife is a small business with goals that reach high beyond our self-funded means.  This means that we can’t always stock a large size range and have everything available all the time, so please be patient with us.  But also, let us know what you would like to see more of! We are always trying to improve our business for you our customer and we would love to hear any feedback you have to offer us.  

Reach us out anytime via mr.goolife@gmail.com