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At Goolife we are aiming to produce the most ethical and sustainable products that we possibly can while maintaining the unique aesthetic that makes Goolife special.  In every part of our creative process, from design development, through production, marketing and distribution we are aiming to minimise our negative impact on the environment and ensure the ethical treatment of the people in our supply chain.  This is a journey for us and will always be a work in progress but we are committed to continuing to make our research and improvement in this area a top priority.

We care deeply about the state of the world and our impact on the environment and with each new collection we are trying to improve as much as possible.  The fashion industry on a whole is responsible for a great deal of harm and as a business that produces physical products to sell, we will never be able to be completely environmentally sustainable but there are ways to be more responsible.  There are many sustainable practices that we already have in place and many more that we are aiming for, and there are always new ways to improve and in this respect we plan to be continuously evolving our approach.


Our Priorities:

  • Minimising Negative Environmental Impact
  • Ethical Treatment of all Workers in our Supply Chain


What we’ve done so far:

Minimising Negative Environmental Impact

  • All mailers are either compostable (made from corn) or made from recycled paper
  • We use minimal packaging and only what is absolutely necessary
  • All our cards are printed on recycled paper card
  • Our courier service is a carbon neutral company
  • We use ECONYL recycled Lycra for all our lycra products
  • We use Organic cotton materials wherever possible
  • Minimise wastage by designing patterns for most efficient fabric use
  • Researching into sourcing more sustainable fabrics for 2020
  • All products that are not suitable for sale ie samples and damaged goods are upcycled or sold at a discount during pop up events
  • We do not use animal fur, feathers or leather in any of our products
  • We have significantly reduced the amount of synthetic materials we work with

Ethical Treatment of all Workers in our Supply Chain

  • Ensure that statutory minimum wage is adhered to in our supply chain
  • Yearly visits and regular contact with our workshop and suppliers
  • Ensure that all workers are of a legal working age and are treated fairly
  • Focus on building long term relationships with suppliers and working together to improve standards

Currently we are trying to show more transparency in what we do to address these issues. We are committed to sharing more about this journey and we will be providing more updates to let you know how the process is developing so please stay connected here, through our newsletter and on social media!

What would you like us to be more transparent about in regards to this journey of sustainability?

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